The Cords Factory "AAA TEKS" manufactures cordage since 1991. The internet-site shnury.ru became one of the first, carrying-out on-line sale of cords in the territory of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

Our special pride is the high quality and the widest range among producers of cordage in the Russian Federation.

We specialize on production and deliveries of rope production for the household purposes and production needs.

At the moment the Cords Factory is the large company having:

Unified call-center, regional sales department and representatives in regions, online store;

Park of the modern knitting, twisting, braiding and rewinding equipment from the leading producers of Germany, Italy, Spain;

Sites for pre-packing and packaging, production facilities and warehouses with continuous availability of a necessary stock of semi-finished and finished products.

More than 70 qualified employees;

For years of work we had partnership with the leading producers of a top-quality yarn and threads of PA, PP, PE and Cotton, and it allows us to offer the high-quality production for reasonable prices.

On our internet-site at your service:

  • purchase of goods without leaving the house or office;
  • wide product range;
  • convenient search in various parameters - as to destination, so according to characteristics and the price;
  • qualitative descriptions and images of goods;
  • possibility of comparison of several goods;
  • actualandcompetitiveprices;
  • fast coordination and order confirmation;
  • sale of only the certified and qualitative goods;
  • system of feedback; a guarantee on the bought goods;
  • replacement of goods of inadequate quality and many other things.
  • We are always glad to communicate with our clients. If you have any wishes, offers, remarks concerning work of the site or managers - write us, and we will accept your opinion with gratitude and answer questions:
  • E-mail:  info@shnury.ru