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Production of cords, halyards, ropes, ropes - buy wholesale, retail


  • All production is certified, conforms to TR (Technical Regulations) and requirements of Russian national standard GOST;
  • Top-quality raw materials from world leaders;
  • Strong transport packing guarantees an excellent trade dress of production for the period of transportation and storage of production;
  • Monitoring system of quality conforms to ISO 9001-2011;
  • A bar code on each packing - quickly to credit and sell goods.

Quality of production and service is one of powerful advantages of the “Cords Factory” JSC and special pride of our factory!

  • The certification of Quality management system ISO 9001-2011, of ecological management system, of system of professional safety and labor protection were successfully carried out at the enterprise.
  • Our lacing cords, ropes, cords and threads are manufactured only on the modern equipment (Spain, Germany and Italy)
  • Reliable and strong transport packing (packages and boxes), provides a trade dress of production during transportation and storage.
  • All production is certified, conforms to TR and requirements of Russian national standard GOST, and tests are carried out in the accredited laboratories.
  • Quality of our production is trusted by buyers of all Russia and Kazakhstan, constantly using it for their needs!


  • Constant warehouse stock more than 80 tons of finished goods! Shipment in time 1-4 days.
  • More than 28 000 positions of the catalog - from THREADS to ROPES!
  • More than 14 types of convenient packing! From household to industrial scale - Hanks; cardboard forms; bundles; cone; reels; coils and others by request.
  • Twisted, braid, knitted; with and without core - with a diameter from 0,5 mm to 32mm!
  • White and color from caprone/polyamide; polypropylene; polyester and cotton;
  • Standard winding - 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 150, 250, 450,1 500, 2 000.... to 33 000 meters or another by your order
  • We make production on individual projects!
  • We make more than 200 types of ropes, halyard ropes, lacing cords, cords and threads. 14 types of pre-packing and packing from polyamide/caprone, polypropylene, polyester, cotton and combined.
  • For household and industrial application.
  • The good range, without additional efforts, increases sales volume by 15 - 30%
  • We manufacture product samples with special characteristics for manufacturing enterprises - under your production requirements.
  • Production of factory has application in household, building, ship providing, fishery, packing and a binding, towage, in tourism and sport, decorative creativity and finishing...
  • We will select production for any your purposes